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Saturday, December 17, 2011

What Are Cloud Services

The most talked about tools for businesses today is all of the different cloud services that are available. These services can help a business thrive in the ever-changing world of technology, even without a trained IT team. This allows even small businesses the ability to survive among the larger companies. Many of these services will grow with your company and have different payment methods set up, so you can find one that works right for your business.

Cloud Services Are Used Every Day
Most people do not think about it, but they are using cloud services almost every day. They are on their computer. Whether you have a profile on Facebook, a Yahoo account or keep your documents on Google docs, you are using these services. These are basically services that you use online that do not require you to download the software or install the application on your computer. This allows businesses to stay up-to-date with new technology without frequently upgrading hardware equipments.

Cloud Hosting Services

Running an online website in-house can be a very costly expense for many small businesses, especially the startups. To help accommodate small businesses, cloud services hosting providers allow these businesses to share space with them to run their websites. Generally, these hosting services include the regular maintenance backup and security to the website. The provider is also responsible for ensuring that the websites up 24/7. This makes the rates more affordable and allows the small businesses to stay in the game, even without a technology expert on staff.

Cloud Back-Up Services
Most people understand the need to regularly back-up a Word document as they are working on it, or they run the risk of losing vital information if a problem occurs with the computer. This same type of back-up can be performed regularly and automatically send to your cloud storage to prevent any important information from being lost. Cloud services can help small businesses with this by providing back-up services which allows them to store your information safely at an off site location. This is particularly helpful in case of natural disasters because your information will remain safe.

Extra Security
It is almost impossible for your average small business to provide adequate security of their data without cloud services. It seems like almost every week there is a new types of internet hacker searching for ways to collect your valuable information. By using these services, your business can stay a step ahead of its peers. This is because the provider’s professional security team will stay up-to-date on security threats, and they will take the extra security measures needed for your website and data. Although this may not be 100% intruder-proof, providers’ facilities are usually far ahead of that of a small business.

Software as a Service
In the past, purchasing different types of software to efficiently run a business could become a very expensive cost for any company. The reason is because technology was growing so fast that newer software needed to be purchased every year or two just to keep up with the growing demand. This is one of the main reasons that the cloud service of using software as a service has become extremely popular. This allows you to keep up with the latest software developments without the need to constantly pay for updates or better services and licensing fees.
Cloud service industry is now a multi-billion dollar industry and is growing in popularity every year. Together these services have given businesses the extra support that they need to be competitive, at a price they can afford. These services can provide IT support and technology that would be almost impossible for them to receive unless they hired a professional staff. This service can be a great way to keep your business growing and expanding as needed.

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