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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Windows 8 Storage Space Feature, What Is It All About?

It is once again through leaks that we get information about a new feature that the Windows 8 operating system will ship with. Storage Spaces – the name of the feature was revealed back in September but only associated with Windows 8 Server at that time – is a new feature that Microsoft introduces in their upcoming operating system.

Judging from the leaked screenshots, the feature can be used to use free storage space on drives to tolerate drive failures.
The feature allows Windows 8 users to create a new pool and storage space. Microsoft explains the feature in this way:
"Use Storage Spaces to help protect yourself from a drive failure. You first need to create a storage pool of two or more drives, and then you can create Storage Spaces from the free pool capacity."
Here is how Storage Space is configured in detail. Lets first take a look at the screenshots.

You basically start by selecting at least two different drives (not partitions) for the drive pool.  

You then configure the drive pool in detail, including the drive letter it receives, pool capacity and fault tolerance.

Once setup, the information are displayed to you in an overview that allows you to manage and edit details.

Storage Spaces add two core new features to the Windows 8 operating system. It first offers to pool drives together to form a single storage unit This can be handy to make use of the storage space of multiple drives under one drive letter. Fault tolerance, the second feature ensures that data remains accessible even if one drive fails.

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