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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Windows Explorer Replacement Explorer++

Windows Explorer Replacement Explorer++ tries to become what Notepad++ already has become, a fast efficient feature rich alternative to Windows Explorer. The portable and lightweight software program introduces several new features and a new layout that make working with folders and files more comfortable. It’s not a full blown Total Commander like suite though.
The first noticeable aspect about Explorer++ is that it is a fully portable application, it can be executed from anywhere. The memory footprint is acceptable with roughly 6 Megabytes of Computer Memory and 3 Megabytes of virtual memory.

Explorer++ supports tabbed browsing making use of the same keyboard shortcuts that Firefox uses. CTRL T opens a new tab which effectively means that only one Explorer Window has to be opened all the time for all file and folder operations.
Tabs can be bookmarked for future access which is another much needed feature for every Windows Explorer replacement.

It supports filters and splitting and merging of files. As I said before it is no match for the heavy weight Total Commander like applications which support so many features that it is hard to keep an overview.
It would have been nice if you could divide the main explorer window into two panes which would both show the contents of a folder or drive. That would make file operations much easier in my opinion. One has to consider that Explorer++ was released as alpha and that the software developer will surely add functionality to his software program, we just have to wait a bit longer.

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