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Thursday, December 29, 2011

World Without Facebook -[Statistics]

How will be the world without Facebook ?
This was the question which was on top of the “How’s list” of my Mind from two days. Yes I was eager to know the answer for this questions from two days.
As soon as I came from project class today  I searched on Google for the answer(That is the thing which I do, to get answer for Most of the questions of my “How’s List”).
While I was surfing the world wide web through my beloved Google. I found the following statistics from singlegrain.
Thought to write about it in my blog, That’s how it came here in front of you now.

Please give your reaction to the content as it will help me to understand my blog better
Any suggestion for the content of the blog is widely Accepted and Appreciated.
Thank you for being kind viewer of my blog.

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