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Thursday, January 11, 2018

How to Recover Deleted Files From Android

Sometimes you delete some important files from your android device accidentally and to need that files back you start searching for solution on google or YouTube. You may find lots of websites providing you different

solutions, however  that solution always require a Windows PC or MAC PC. But many of us does not have PC or laptop. That make our task bit difficult. Even if we have PC or Laptop the task is still length and complicated. So to get over this problem i found a  better solution and i am sure it will work for everyone.

Steps to Recover Deleted Files Using Android

  • First of all download Disk Digger Pro Apk by clicking on the link.
  • Once you download it, install it in your device.
  • Now open it and start the scan. 

  • It will take few minutes to scan your files. 

  • After you got that file, stop scanning.
  • Now select the file, and click on Recover option from the top. 

  • Once recovered, now you can save your file as per your desired location. You also have option to directly share the file using Bluetooth,whats app, hike, Email etc...

  • You can only recover image file without rooting the phone.
  • It requires Root to recover all types photos and videos or songs and other type files by using this app.
Decryption Key to download the app (!IUtd2LGn75no2DeNa7nzKtKGF6emHEpDYXXORoXEPPo)

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