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Thursday, March 8, 2018

How To Crack IT Interview Part 1 - Resume Preparation [Sample Resume and Project]

Hi guys welcome to Quick Tips.This is Ayaz and I have been into IT profession for a decade or so and have given interviews into several reputed organizations.

Going through these interviews have taught me several key aspects of interview process and interviewer's thought process of selection or rejection.

So, I just thought of sharing few points with you which I think would help you in cracking interviews.

So, without wasting any time let us begin

In this post, I would be basically focusing on your resume.This is because, your resume is the first thing that your interviewer will receive and based on this resume you will be rejected or called for an interview. So, your resume is the most crucial part of your interview process and needs a great attention.

Now before going into basics one important point I would like to make is one should know his/her resume. In general practice we make our resume with some help it maybe from seniors or professionals thus, at times we don’t understand our own resume. What I would advise guys here is take help it’s not a bad thing to do but ensure that you know what’s in there in your resume.

Your resume should have these 4 basic qualities in it. Those are
  1. Clear
  2. Precise
  3. Sufficient
  4. Right

 Now let me elaborate on these points one by one.

1. Firstly, your resume should be Clear. What I mean by clear here is that by seeing you resume the interviewer should get enough points to judge whether or not you are the right person to call for an interview or he should stop your journey then and there.

When you are preparing a resume, ensure the resume is clear about the skill set you possess. 

2. Secondly, your resume should be Precise. It is often seen that people just dump all their skill sets and day to day activities they do into their resume. It’s not the right approach because it’s not a paragraph or an essay writing competition.

Your resume should have fine points which should tell about your current role, things that you have learned in that role,your achievements, your project  etc.

3. Moving forward to next point, your resume should be sufficient. By sufficient I mean to say that It should have enough content that that would reflect your knowledge, experience and skill set.

4. And last but not the least, your resume should be right. By right I mean to say that every point written should be correct and it should lead the interviewer in the right direction.
He or she should not have and mixed feeling or dilemma of any kind after reading your resume. 

Point To Be Noted

It is worth noting that while mentioning your hobbies, you should write something which is interesting and which you really do. This is because your hobbies tell the interviewer how you spend your quality time.

Strictly avoid writing hobbies such as playing cricket, drawing or listing music as they are very plain and vague, and does not seems to be add value.

Please Check

Lastly, I would like to mention that you fully read you resume, check for spelling and grammatical errors, rectify them and then when you are satisfied, send it to any organization or any job portal.

You can download the sample resume with project from the below link:

That’s all I have here for you today. Hope this will help you all. I will be posting the next soon, so do not forget Like,Share and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and you can also comment if you have any question.

Thank you and have wonderful day.

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