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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How To Download Movies and TV Series on Android Phone Without Torrent For Free

Hey Everyone welcome to Quick Tips and today I will be showing you how you can download movies and TV Shows without using torrent for free.
As you all know torrent is banned in most countries but still we find ways to use torrent but why risk it when we have an easier and better option for you on quick tips.

For downloading Movies and TV Shows we will be using an application called Terrarium TV.

Just to let you know Terrarium TV application is not available in play store so you can download the apk from the link below.

Download Terrarium TV

Once the app is installed, just open the app and you will the list of TV show available and the best part of this application is here you have all the TV shows and movies in one place.
Now when you click on trending at the top, you can filter as per your choice. There are options such as premiers, Netflix list, Amazon List, etc. 

Now when you click on left hand top corner you will see an option for TV Shows and Movies.

You can also create a list of favorite by clicking on the star there on the top right.
Here you can see in my favorite list there are few TV Show like Game of Throne, Viking, Black List and others.

To download select any movie or TV series and click on play button at the bottom right of the screen. 

Once you click it will give you lot of options with different quality, here you can see list of links, depending on your need you can select one of the links from them. There you have 720p,480p or even 360p..if you going to watch on your mobile phone 480p works fine.

Now when you click on 720p, here you will find option such at. Play as well as download. 

And the best part of it is you neither have to subscribe or register to watch or download it.
So when you click on download it will give you options to select your downloader.
Here I will using ADM downloader. Now an advertisement page will open which we have to close it.

Your video will start downloading and that’s how you can download TV shows and movies very easily without using torrent.

Alright guys that’s all we have here today for you. If you liked the post make sure you hit the like button and subscribe to my blog.
You can also watch the video tutorial from below and subscribe to the channel for more upcoming videos.

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